Robert Sussman Las Vegas Nevada Review


Unfortunately, I have worked for this company, and I promise you that it IS a scam. The owner’s name is Robert Sussman and he is a dirty low life. He has a call center in Las Vegas (off Flamingo Rd) and one in El Cajon, CA (Near San Diego). nBasically, we would call people who had a timeshare and offer to sell it for them for a fee of $500 to $1,500. We would tell them that if we couldn’t sell it in 10 months that we would buy it from them at “Fair Market Value””. nWe told them we would put ads in the LA Times

NY Times

and dozens of other papers around the country for them…That’s what the fee went towards. NEVER posted any ads. They would collect the money and in 10 months offer “”$500 to $1000″” as a Fair market value. 5% would take the deal but 95% would not. That meant on 100 sales….he was making money on 95 of them and breaking even on 5 of them…plus owning a timeshare. nPeople would pay $15

000 to $25

000 for the timeshare and he was offering a “”Fair market value”” of $500. nRobert Sussman screws a lot of people for a living. nhe also owns: nand I am certain that all of them are scams too. nDO NOT WORK FOR OR DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SHADY PERSON!”

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