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Rita Boccuzzi is a dangerous scammer who is taking advantage of innocent women and their ignorance. She has a very dangerous scam running through multiple avenues. She preys on us women by claiming to be an inspiration to women herself. She is a selfish retard who shouldnít be allowed to run a syndicate like that of hers. You might have heard of her if you read about women in finance. She has won a few awards, runs a few websites but they are all for show. The pomp and show enables her to lure people into her devious schemes. I had a horrible encounter with Rita and it taught me many lessons. Iím just hoping that by sharing my experience here, Iíll be able to shed some light on her monstrosity. And if Iím lucky, maybe Iíd be able to convince you to avoid her.
Who is Rita Boccuzzi?
According to her website, Rita is an entrepreneur, a radio show host, and an author. The website also mentions that Rita is a personal finance expert and has helped numerous women in overcoming th

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Rita Boccuzzi Review

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By Sam Lala