Ricky Gutierrez Review


There are genuine money makers and then there are fake money makers. The latter category is foun the most in contemporary society for they thrive on one simple principle called motivation. They double up as motivational gurus who lure people into trading and supposedly setting the foundation for a wealthy life which they happen to showcase already with their fast cars, big houses and trendy vacations. However, there is more to this than what meets the eye. Ricky Gutierrez is one such false financial guru who has successfully managed to swindle hundreds if not thousands of people out of their money and has also managed to get them to invest in his deadly combination of money making and motivation rolled into one.

This guy has had several complaint posted against him over the years although nothing has really materialized on the authority front when it comes to taking action against him. Ricky Gutierrez continues to be at large and continues posting videos and pictures of how he has apparently made it big when the reality is that this guy is hardly ever trading in stocks actually and making such profits. His wealth depends on how many people pay to listen to him and how much money his videos and programs make. This is the basis of his profit that he claims is substantial and based on beating the system. Well, such unrealistic expectations are passe nowadays and sensible people will be loath to put their money into such people and their philosophies.

Gutierrez has managed to find a loyal band of followers who trade with him every step of the way and also pay through their noses hoping to be as successful and rich as him one day. However, they couldn’t be farther from reality; what they’re doing is essentially feeding him and his ilk and this is the actual reality. There have been innumerable complaint issued against this guy which he has managed to subvert time and again. There is no truth to his claims of making it big or striking it rich by using revolutionary trading strategies. This is something that people should beware of by all means.

View the full review and complaint about Ricky Gutierrez on HolySmoke.org at – https://www.holysmoke.org/scam/ricky-gutierrez/

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By Sam Lala