Richard Veidenheimer


Richard from Adviser Investments fired me due to my race. He is a hateful bigot!
Richard Veidenheimer of Adviser Investments is a racist who fired me just because of my race and his prejudice. He made false allegations and took away my only means of earning. He didnít have a real reason to fire me so he said that I had stolen something from their office. I was thrown out of that place. Richard is the MD of Adviser Investments is a hotshot. I was fired because of my race but I couldnít take any actions against him because I was afraid he could harm my family. Richard is a powerful guy. 
I used to work at advisor Investments a few months ago. I am not an Ivy League graduate. I was just the security guard of that building. All I know is that I did my job respectfully and with dedication. I was the security guard of that building well before Adviser Investments

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Richard Veidenheimer

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By Sam Lala