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You know what?
In this era, people are pretending to know everything that surrounds them. Many people have become experts in different ways without having the necessary qualifications. They will be talking without giving a damn if what they are saying makes sense or not. The weird behavior is seen in those people who by good luck get something which they never thought they would achieve in their life. Due to the surprise, they feel like it is mandatory to make their achievements known by the whole world. They start feeling like they own the universe while others are losers who need to be guided. When one is blessed with a particular thing, he or she becomes the motivational speaker in the society telling people what they can do to be like him or her. Most of the people who boast around do not have even a slight idea of how what they own came into existence because, at times, they get the wealth from inheritance or having come from a wealthy background.
I would like us to look at two

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Richard J. Bryan Review

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By Sam Lala