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You know what?

In this era, people are pretending to know everything that surrounds them. Many people have become experts in different ways without having the necessary qualifications. They will be talking without giving a damn if what they are saying makes sense or not. The weird behavior is seen in those people who by good luck get something which they never thought they would achieve in their life. Due to the surprise, they feel like it is mandatory to make their achievements known by the whole world. They start feeling like they own the universe while others are losers who need to be guided. When one is blessed with a particular thing, he or she becomes the motivational speaker in the society telling people what they can do to be like him or her. Most of the people who boast around do not have even a slight idea of how what they own came into existence because, at times, they get the wealth from inheritance or having come from a wealthy background.

I would like us to look at two different scenarios where one person is lucky to inherit a lot of valuable things from his parents while the other person works hard to get a lump sum amount of money which would change the rest of his life. First of all, the one who acquired the inheritance does not understand the number of times his or her parents failed as they tried to accumulate wealth. Maybe they even slept hungrily or even at times they risked their lives until they made it. If such a person parades himself before you telling you how to be successful in business or life, he or she would be of no help at all. Such people should shut up when others are speaking.

The person who inherited wealth and multiple businesses does not understand the basics of starting a business. Also, they do not know the fear that one has as they are afraid of not making profits in their businesses. They further do not have a clue on the barriers to expect in sales, so it is hard for them to give any legit information. In the second scenario, the person who had worked hard to achieve things he has to understand the struggles and self-sacrifice that has to take in to be successful. Such a person would be the best speaker because he can guide people accordingly on what to do and what not to do after setting up a business.

Richard J. Bryan is an excellent example of those people who pretend to know a lot of things, yet they know nothing. He was the inheritor of his family business which had been in existence for more than a hundred years. Richard J. Bryan was in the fourth generation, and he was lucky to be the successor after his father was a force to retire due to illness. I understand that the business was making losses by the time Richard J. Bryan was taking the position of chief executive officer in the market. With the help of his mentor, who was known as Frank, Richard J. Bryan was able to make the company flourish again. But still, this is not a good reason to brand him as a keynote speaker because if it were not for his mentor backing him up, the family business would have ended up being part of the history of the many things that became extinct.

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By Sam Lala