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There are smart scammers, and then there are retarded liars. Richard Wayne falls in the latter category. I am ashamed of myself that I fell for this guyís schemes and lies. If I had known any better, I would have stayed miles away from Richard and his tiny little law firm.

He is lying to everyone about his expertise and experience. He doesnít have any basic knowledge of the law and legal practice. So donít expect him to solve your problems. He can only create new problems for you and your organization. He cost my company one of our biggest clients and a financial loss of $150,000

I am still trying to get over that humongous financial loss. It had ruined my company completely. But I know that Richard is still out there and he is still scamming other people and businesses. He knows a little about marketing or maybe the people in his firm know about marketing.

Thatís because his firmís website is studded with persuasive lies. He has posted fake client reviews and a complete page about himself and his achievements. If you ask me, this guyís biggest achievement of his life is being able to read. He is careless and doesnít care about the well-being of his own clients.

Iím no lawyer but even I know how important a client is for the lawyer. Suffice to say, this guy shouldnít even be a lawyer. When I had found out about Richard, there wasnít much negative content posted on the internet about him. So, I had no doubts about his skills and expertise. I was wrong to think of him as an expert.

If I had found out his reality before spending my cash on his firm, my company might still be earning the profit and we wouldnít have to minimize all our budgets. Through this article, Iím only trying to alert others about the kinds of crimes Richard has done by lying to everyone. Iíve also shared my personal experience.

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By Sam Lala