RBA Homes Review


RBA modular home builder 252 Broad St., Red Bank, NJ owner Bill Lashowitz and sales team Pandora and Bobby guaranteed quality contractors with “no worry”! | Facts: 1.Raining through the kitchen ceiling on our new cabinets and newly installed wood floor. Rusted all our heaters. RBA installs new ceiling crooked. RBA’s painters Carlos paints over wet heaters could breed in sawdust so rusts shows through. 2. Bill Lashowitz’s son hooks up generator and doesn’t even take plastic cap off the connector so we went through winter and entire house pipes could have frozen and burst!I HAVE THE REPORT! I HAVE THE PHOTOS so Pandora you can’t explain away what you and this horrible company you work for did to us! 3. Mark Brody Bill Lashowitz’s plumber installed radiators that leaked all over new wood floors. Mark Brody installed a gas furnace that was shut down three Seperately times by the fire Code enforcement! All alarms went off in the House! It was winter no heat! Again all pipes could have frozen and burst! PLUS we could have died because carbon dioxide levels were deadly! So yes RBA could have killed us three separate times! 4. Cabinets had to be remade due to splitting 5. Painter Carlos painted over outlets and ruined all molding in house and now all paint chipping off walls since he must have watered it down. | Bill still has not given us back the money $8,000 plus original cost to paint back! 6. Shower exhaust silver hoses never attached to roof! So all humid wet air from shower would just dump into attic because hoses never attached to exterior vents! 7. Forman fired and no one from RBA modular oversees job! I’m left here babysitting RBA’s contractors which they told me Bill analyzes their bills and he never pays his contractors. I don’t know for fact but all I know is their work is the worst ever! 8. Several workers tell me they just got out there f drug rehab… Pandora is this what you call quality contractors??? 9. The old guy that built the deck he had to tear it off because he never used long enough nails! 10. The sliding door side glass cracked. 11. Forman’s 13 huge bags of trash filled with Chinese food and sugary drinks left in our Garage attracted rodents that chewed through ceiling to create nests for their babies! I walk in to rodent fecal matter all over he floor and chewed holes in ceiling. Bill Lashowitz doesn’t want to pay for wildlife control to safely remove rodents. We had to hire a Lawyer to force Bill to fix everything. The lawyers home inspector found so many more serious problems with our RBA modular house! | Bill must be used to being sued because it took a lot of prodding to make Bill fix some of the issues. Bill still owes us for the original paint cost, the $8,000 that Bobby and Pandora charged us in the beginning for a 2nd coat of paint which was never done! Electrician still never fixed ceiling fans to work. How dare Pandora never pick up the phone! She only cares about taking your money and making a commission! How dare you Bill Lashowitz for putting us through this horror!


  • Name: RBA Homes
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Red Bank
  • Address: 252 Broad Street
  • Phone: 732.747.3800
  • Website: rbahomes.com/

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