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Randy Halfpop (Compass Wealth Group) got my money invested in his relative’s company. Unethical and unprofessional advisor.
Randy Halfpop, CFP, MS, is a fraudulent finance professional who recommends shady investments to his clients. He is the co-founder of the Compass Wealth Group and works as an independent financial planner. Randy has been working in the finance industry as a planner for more than 15 years. He might have stellar credentials but they are only to hide the fact that Randy is a lying thief. 
Randy told me to invest a huge sum into an unknown and terrible company. I lost the entire investment and found out later that the organization he had recommended to me actually belonged to one of his relatives. This was suprising. I believe Randy should go to jail and rot there but I donít see that happening.†
I had read a lot about unethical and shady professionals but I had never encountered any until I hired R

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Randy Halfpop

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By Sam Lala