Rachael Conrad – Treasure Island, Florida Florida


I moved to Florida with my Best friend/boyfriend in 99 and we have been together for 20 plus years. He starts not feeling the relationship and was having a hard time missing that NEW feeling. He told me that he was fishing/watching basketball at the bar not coming home. One time he was out and would not return phone calls/texts so I started digging. I found on his phone a bunch of call/text to this one number over and over. Money started to disappear and I was having to cover our bills, he would tell me later that he was gambling. Or lost money and this started being thousands of dollars. I at one point got so depressed I wanted to just disappear. Then I asked him if he wanted me to stay or move. He couldn’t answer… || so I moved left my best friend my soul-mate. So I didn’t know where we were headed but we are still together he came to visit and I asked him if he had seen anyone since we were apart… and then he told me about this girl. Rachael. (well he did not know her name because she a stripper and went by different name) I had her number and I am very good at finding out stuff. So I located this THING that entered my life and now know all about what she does. She prays on men and takes them for everything they have. Leaving a path of destruction. Well she need to be exposed.

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