quick mart castleton New York Review


I used the outside gas pump and paid with my debit card. I pumped $15.00 worth of gas and left the store. Afterwards I was notified by my credit card company that they charged $54.19 to my card. I called the cc company and made them aware I did not use that amount nor did I agree to have that amount withdrawn. She stated some gas stations when using the outside pump charge an over amount to make sure the original amount is covered and once they claim the funds I will get the difference back. Although she’s never seen such an excessive increase in amount but that my money should be back within 24 hours. It has been two days and my money still hasn’t been returned. How is this even lega? They basically steal your money and now you have to wait for whenever for them to return it.

Columbia turnpike east Greenbush, New York USA

Convenience Stores

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