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Wanted to share my experience with these criminals.

They present themselves as a serious enterprise that manages and provides a huge variety of services and consumer goods. But it is nothing but MLM at its filthiest form.
They are a scam and stay as far away from them as you can!

A few months ago, a friend of mine Rachel, offered me a ?business opportunity?. It was related to the health industry and since I work as a health professional, the idea got me intrigued.

He spoke about some company QNET; they sell huge amounts of goods but one of their projects is selling water purifiers. The idea itself is quite sound. Water purity is a growing concern in developing countries as well as in the first world ones.

The idea is to invest in their product, buying a reasonable stock and placing that product in areas that are in need. Profits would be stellar but not too bad for an easy job. The only thing I had to do was register on their website, using a link as a referral and invest as much as I would be comfortable with.

My first impression was okay. Lots of my friends were already involved in this. QNET reps organised an online meeting for potential members and I was invited to participate.
The next day on April 15, 2015, Rachel called and said that the meeting would be held at 15:00 and that I should be online.

The meeting started, I listened to a QNET representative, a woman by the name Meg. For the next half an hour, I listened to all kinds of projects, product placements etc.
What is interesting is that it all sounded just nice and organised but I failed to understand HOW we profit as members. WHAT do we sell and HOW do we sell the merchandise? Do we sell a product or a service? No clear answer was given during this online meeting. It felt and looked so weird. But the weird part came after the meeting.

View the full review and complaint about Qnet on HolySmoke.org at – https://www.holysmoke.org/scam/qnet/

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By Sam Lala