Alexander Rudsky Review


This company is a complete fraud theft of customer database from Salvage World he does not marketing does not pay for any marketing. He stole over $5,000,000 worth of targeted customers from Salvage World and all he does is email blast everyone with a list he stole through hacking the database and having a mile Jose Cambronero in the company. He conspired for months on how he would steal the data and have a multi million dollar company for free. Please watch out for his brookly address, has an alabama address. He does not have proper salvage licenses or agreements iwth insurance company auctions. He has hired and indian company to scrape photos and does not have direct fees. He is also going by the name OMH auto .net and OMH auto .com Everyone one is using a ficticious name including his fiance beth leffel, his bank accounts in new hyde park long island under his friend Eric and he is in brooklyn nothing makes sense here and his license if he has one is out of Alabama. He will newsl

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By Sam Lala