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Complaint: I am someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning disorder that is part of the Autistic Spectrum, which makes it more difficult to communicate with others. Ever since elementary school I have been bullied and persecuted for being different. But, I have transcended my disorder and have been very successful. I am in the Honors Society at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, CT, where I also write for the college magazine and am co-founder and president of the college Debate Society I was also hired as a tour guide at the Mark Twain House and Museum in June, where I am still employed. Although lately I have also been depressed and anxious about whether I will ever find romantic love and acceptance. This woman, who claims to be a psychic who can lift curses, saw that I was in a desperate emotional situation and took advantage of this. Let me elaborate. First I went for a general physic reading, which cost $120. She refused payment on my debit card. She would only accept payments in the form of cash or paypal. I paid in cash. At the end of this reading she said that I had a curse that would prevent me from finding love and getting into a positive relationship. She said that I would need to pay $300 for her to research the source of the curse I was very depressed that weak and desperate. As a result I paid $300 dollars for her to remove the curse I went back two days latter. She claimed that she had found the source of the curse. She made up a crazy story of how in my past life I was an accused witch. She said that in my past life the town then put a curse on me that continued into my next life. She claimed that this is the reason why I have always felt persecuted and that only she could remove this curse of dark energy and demonic entities around me. She also kept trying to make me feel guilty, and pressuring me to allow her to u201chelpu201d me and pay her more money. She claimed that these demonic entities were whispering dark and angry thoughts into my head because of the bullying I received and that I needed to pay her $1,680 for candles in order for her to remove this curse. My gut feeling was that this woman was not to be trusted, but I was conflicted because of my desperate emotional situation. I never ended up paying that amount. I have now realized that I was grossly manipulated and I want my $420 back. I feel like she has taken advantage of someone in a desperate emotional state. This was because of my continued frustration of feeling like I may never fit in and find love. I am also not the only one. An anonymous source contacted me telling me that she paid $45,000 to this woman Savanna in order to remove a curse that would prevent she and her boyfriend from ever getting together again. I feel like there needs to be an independent investigation into this u201cbusiness.u201d . Both of us would also like our money back. We both feel like we have been scammed, and there is no way of telling how many people she has taken advantage of and ripped off.

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