PSL Consulting, LLC. Review


Ajit Narasimhan is a Scam Artist!! He promoted himself as an expert in Mortgage litigation. Took my money with the promise of a reduced mortgage balance and payoff because of all the violations the bank did. The lawsuit was filed after he wrote up a letter and had me file it in the Federal Court system. He said he would have it served. Never did it. | He would get paid by requesting I deposit money in his “PSL Consulting, LLC” firm at Wells Fargo. | He said he was negotiating a reduced settlement offer and they would be accepting it. Kept me believing this for months… I kept getting foreclosure notices, but he said don’t worry about . Lies, Lies, Lies!! | He brought to the Brink of foreclosure and I just had to file Bankruptcy to stop the sheriff sale on my home. This man should be in jail . He preys on the desperation of people with mortgage issues. | I plan on reporting him to the Attorny General of California. It was recently discovered that he forged an attorney’s signature on a letter he claimed was as angreement met by both him and the attorney he was working for part time.


  • Name: PSL Consulting, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Costa Mesa
  • Address: 655 BAKER ST APT V201
  • Phone: (714) 485-6892
  • Website:

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