Provenza Floors Complaint


About year and a half ago, we purchased our new (build) home from Toll Brothers. At their design center, we selected this flooring… with great hesitation. We knew we wanted flooring that was, or appeared to be, light-colored distressed wood. We were even considering laminate/vinyl flooring that looked like wood. We knew we didn’t want tile because we didn’t want to have to deal with dirty grout. We soon learned that Provenza Antico was the only thing the design center offered, that was even close to what we were looking for. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS FLOORING! This was the worst flooring we could have chosen. The flooring is 1.5 years used now, and it looks just horrible. Even a couple months after moving in, we could start seeing damage. A worker came in to fix something and dropped a small tool – large dent. We dropped a small pan – large dent and chip. We had a large dinner party – scratches all over from our guests shoes. There is actually an area, in a slightly used room, where the flooring actually has a layer chipped off, with white showing through. I don’t know what caused this damage, but it almost looks like paint chipped off. (Image included) I am not exaggerating when I say that about 90% of our flooring is scratched. I decided quite a while ago to stop being so anal about keeping this floor looking good. I can see from other reviews that even being super careful, this flooring will still get damaged. We’ve had Toll Brothers contractor come out to replace a couple planks because they were bunching up together and bulging up. There are other areas where the planks are separating and creating very visible spaces. (We keep the temperature in our home very consistent.) Like others have commented… $20k down the drain. A complete waste of money. No company should be selling and installing this product. This flooring is not life-proof.

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