Pro-Seal & Ashphalt Maintainance Wimberley Texas


Complaint: Well, I just paid $550 for 1 five gallon drum of tar for a 3375 sq ft area and two hours of work. Long story, but I unfortunately paid Thomas Cornell (and twin brother Zach?) for job after darkness fell and didn’t notice the poor job until the next day. The next day, I saw parts of the driveway that didn’t even have tar on it. He scheduled a time to come back out to review his work with me but never showed. When I followed up with him (of course, he didn’t follow up with me), he would never get on the phone with me–only texted. After two(!) weeks of back and forth about completing the job, he decide that he was done talking about it and that HE was satisfied with the work he provided. $550 down the toilet.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Round Rock, Texas USA


Phone: 423-967-5219

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By Sam Lala