President air comfort Review


I responded to an add that states whole house duct cleaning, 85.95 includes all heat vents and returns. I made the appt. the women asked the size of the home and said that must be two furnaces and that would be 85.95 each plus another fee ending with, it will be about $200.00. When the two men, father and son arrived they asked to see the furnaces and to walk through the house, counting vents. Then he asked to sit down and began to calculate. I said I asked for the special and was told 200.00. He started to come down in price and as I cut him off he circled $500.00 as a min. on his quote sheet and left. I waited the entire two hour window for them to arrive only to feel like I walk strangers through my whole house just to ask them to leave. The name was president air comfort. 800-804-8451. They had no intension of honoring the coupon. Total bate and switch scam.

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By Sam Lala