Phil M. Jones Review


Salesmen are a crucial part of any organization. Your company wonít get any revenue if your salesmen stop working. Companies recognize their importance so they regularly train their salespeople to keep them up to date with the latest practices. To train their salespeople, they look for sales experts and thatís where things get messy. The market has many people who claim to be sales experts but arenít. One of those guys is Phil M Jones. He is a sham who is lying to people about his expertise and experience. I donít believe a word he says after the way he ruined my event. Phil has no idea what professionalism is and Iím certain that Iím not the only distraught client of his. There must be a ton of people who have suffered because of Phil. I donít want anyone to suffer the way I did. Not only did I get humiliated because of Phil but I also lost a bunch of valuable clients. Iím sharing my experience with Phil Jones here so no one else gets trapped in his scam.

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By Sam Lala