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People across the globe are working both day and night tirelessly, trying to make ends meet. At the back of our minds, the word success is written in bold letters to make us yearn for it. Everyone’s desire in this life is to excel and be among the many known multi-millionaires, if not billionaires. No sane person would pray or wish to remain weak until the end of his days on the face of the earth. When people startup businesses, they do everything to their capability to become business gurus. They will attend different educative conferences and book appointments with different icons who understand the business to the core. They will keenly listen to those speakers because they believe the secrets behind success will be unleashed.
People from different continents, religions, and ethnic groups come together to listen to different keynote speakers. Speakers are sprouting day and night like mushrooms as they are led by lust for money. Their internal desire of helping people governs the

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Paul Artale Review

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By Sam Lala