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The internet has made the lives of many people quite easy. Unfortunately, this list also includes the names of criminals and fraudsters. One of those fraudsters is Patrick Bet-David. You must have seen Patrick through one of his YouTube videos. He runs the Valuetainment channel and has a considerable following for the same.
He is also the owner of PHP Agency, which is his main tool for scamming. He is running a large pyramid scheme and people are falling for that. He is marketing his agency like a proper financial company, which provides a lot of growth opportunities but the reality is the opposite. His finance company doesn’t give you anything. I have worked with Patrick’s PHP Agency and I promise you, you’ll only get disappointed when you work with them.
He holds a number of events through Valuetainment and he also posts videos regularly on YouTube. He does all that, so he can attract more victims for his corrupt schemes and plans. He is lying about his company. He markets it

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Patrick Bet-David Review

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By Sam Lala