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After about 4 days of inquiring about kayaks and explaining my entire situation to the owners including my kayak criteria and my height and weight so they could properly fit a boat to me, I was put into a Prijon Touryak Low Volume. Now I am 6’3 and 247 lbs. I asked them how this boats capacity would work for me and they told me that, i fit in it and I have enough “Freeboard”. I even told Chris that I will take the High volume Touryak from the warehouse if she thinks it would be a better fit. She insisted that this boat was fine and I looked good and paddled well in it.I even told heer that i will have to take the hip pads out and may have to shave a half inch off the cockpit padding so i can fit better and she agreed. So being a new kayaker I took her advice and purchased it. The next day I take it out and load my gear into it and it is very sluggish and not nearly as maneuverable as when I was in by myself. I then looked up the specs online for the manufacturer and found out that the capacity of this kayak was only 253 lbs. (Note that I was apprehensive about buying a kayak with a 310lb capacity and they knew that. I would have never bought this had I known the true specs) I went into the store the next day and asked why I was misled about this boat being ok for me. Their reasoning was that “we always put paddlers in our boats that are heavier than the recommended weight capacity and it works out fine” I called foul and told them that it is a safety issue and that their opinions dont superceed manufacturer specs. The owner then tells me that the specs dont mean anything! I told him that I was a disabled veteran and dont have this kind of money to be just throwing away and I wanted a refund or a boat that fit me properly. He then started getting upset and acting childish. He threw in a “your momma joke” and proceeded to curse and degrade me while his wife sat on a stool and looked scared to even say a word with him around. Search the web and you will find numerous other customers that had experiences with the owner losing his temper and acting innapropriate. This is no way a business should be run. If I would have ever treated a customer the way he did while I was working in Customer service, I would have been fired on the spot. I recorded the conversation and have the audio on youtube. Just search Paths Peaks & Paddles on YouTube and you will see it. I will put the direct link below as well. Please feel free to contact them and let them know that this is no way to run a business.

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