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If you are planning to buy panels from NY State Solar, then please read this review! They are not as good as they portray themselves to be online. I was an idiot to fall for all the obviously fake reviews this company has posted on platforms like Google and Energysage.
I bought panels from this company a year back in 2019. Soon after the installation, most of the panels stopped working. Almost half of the panels were not functioning properly. Switching off every 5-10 minutes. And they would not turn on automatically, they required someone to do the whole thing manually. It was impossible to keep doing this 24/7 so the panels were rendered useless.
We were getting huge electricity bill on top of the monthly lease payments for the panels. After 2 weeks of calling NY State Solar and asking them to check out the issue, they sent someone. The expert fixed the issue in an hour and charged us $200.00 for it. We paid the guy without making a scene b

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NY State Solar

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By Sam Lala