Nicole Quiles Marietta Georgia Review


I had the pleasure of cleaning up after this lady. She left dirty cloths in every room of the house, rotten food on the back deck and in the kitchen cabinets, cat crap all over the house, fleas, dead spiders, dead roaches, broken furniture and much more crap… This lady and the two girls that lived there have to be the nastiest, filthy rotten people I have every had to clean up after. She had a convicted convict living in the house with out the current landlord knoweldge. Acquired a cat when the lease stated no pets. Broke several doors in the home after fits of rages. I can tell she has a mean temper based upon the hole in the doors. The landlord had to evict her for nonpayment of rent and having a pet. I would add photos of the mess but they would make you vomit. DO NOT RENT TO THIS LADY UNLESS YOU CALL ME TO CLEAN UP AFTER HER WHEN SHE TRASHES YOUR HOME OR APARTMENT. BIG STEVE.

N Landing Court Marietta, Georgia United States of America


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By Sam Lala