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Complaint: This dr. gives anesthetic injections for neuropathy. She said they are perfectly safe and there are no side effects after going three times i felt disoriented and confused, i couldn’t remember simple things, i had constant anxiety and headaches. i didn’t attribute it to the injections and thought it would pass. After three more visits my left leg swelled and I had no feeling at all, it got better after 12 hours. At the next visit I wouldn’t let her inject my left leg, she did the right leg and the same thing happened only worse I thought paralysis set in. it got better but my right leg aches. Each time she said it wasn’t from the injections that i had a vascular problem and needed attention. After each leg swelling I called there , left messages for her to call me, she never did. I went to my doctor, i told him the whole story he examined me and said i didn’t have a vascular problem, I had a severe toxic reaction to the injections and besides the memory loss, anxiety, and headaches I could’ve had a heart attack. He also told me he sees those big newspaper ads promising a cure and they are scams. I learned the hard way. I called her the next day, left a message for her to call me because she needed to know what my doctor said. She never returned my call. My doctor said anesthetic injections always have side effects, some can be fatal.

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