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Danger!! danger!! extortionists,, sudhanshu kumar kashyap, satwinder singh, dishonest, lie about skill | I was a client of sudhanshu kumar kashyap & satwinder singh via their company for over 2 years and gave them $22,000 over that time. Over that entire time period i tried to fire them 4 times because of: | All of the 5/5 reviews that they have are because they force their clients to give them 5/5 reviews, otherwise they drop you as a client. They don’t take short term jobs that could give them bad reviews and go, they only take long term jobs where they can threaten to cut off the relationship. I first gave a less than perfect review 6 months into the collaboration and they dropped me as a client. I had to call peopleperhour to have them manually remove the bad review before satwinder and netfrux would take me back as a client After i committed thousands of dollars & months of training to them). | Sudhanshu and satwinder would dictate terms according to their needs and throw their weight around, and you would have to take it because they know that your changing to a new software developer would take months for the new developer to get to know the system, and you already paid sudhanshu and netfrux for development and supposedly bug-fixes, so that would be thrown away as well. They use that against you constantly – until you can’t take it anymore. | Sudhanshu works when he wants to work according to his needs instead of yours as the client | After 1 full year of committing to them and having sudhanshu get to know my system so well he started slacking in his attention to my program and would take several days off without even telling me. In india there are about 60 vacation days a year, and sudhanshu would take a week off many times abruptly and abandon my project for that long regardless of the importance of what needed to be done. How was i supposed to count on him when he does that? I temporarily tried to find a new developer, and when i realized that sudhanshu knew the system so well And i also had $10,000 worth of work that was paid for at that 1 year point, including bug fixes of that work, i decided to try to continue with sudhanshu. | That was when satwinder singh and sudhanshu kumar kashap extorted me. They said that they would only continue being my developer And fix any bugs that i already paid for) if i paid them 20% more, an increase to $12 an hour. Then at the 2 year point, when sudhanshu would log on for 2 hours When there were 20 tasks to do) and then log off for days i tried to find someone else again, and again they extorted me – that time they told me that they wouldn’t fix any old bugs or do any new development unless i paid them $3 more an hour, so $15 now, 50% higher than i hired them at. The invoices were coming to over $600 a week and i couldn’t afford them anymore. | Sudhanshu would fix one thing and cause 2 other things to break | Sudhanshu lies about his skill level, specifically, he does not test his work; look at other reviews on his account on upwork, they say the same thing; i would have to stare at the screen until he finally came online at a random hour at night, typically 10pm to 11pm, and then i would have to test every single task after he called it done – and “most” times i would have to hand it back to him, telling him that it was not fixed yet; this would happen 3-5 times most times until each task was finally done. I would be so tired in the morning that i would be in a fox every day and my health couldn’t keep up; i got sick regularly because i had to stay up until 4 am, sometimes 6am checking this mans work because he refused to properly check it himself. I implored satwinder singh to hire a tester employee out of their 30 employees not one is a quality control person! he said “i plan to next year” and that was it. He never did. | Satwinder singh was dishonest about bugs that they created during the development process; when they would create a new piece of functionality they would break two others, and satwinder would “insist” that creating bugs was part of the normal development process and he would “insist” that i had to pay for them; he would not listen to reason; he always had the attitude like “i don’t care, pay me.” only when the same bug appeared months down the road would they not charge me to fix it. Only when i mentioned that i would have to give him a bad review would he even listen to what i was saying, that was when i asked him for a $247 invoice to be waived because i had to spend over $1,000 on one task that sudhanshu failed at To write a script that transfers millions of records from one database to the other – he wrote it so that it transfers only 29 records per minute and it would have taken 39 days to run the script once); sudhanshu didn’t have the skill to know how to transfer database tables in batches, so he was transferring millions of records one by one…and so i had to spend another $720 on a database specialist to teach sudhanshu how to accomplish the task…satwinder then gave me $30 off the $247 invoice. I just said to myself, i’ll just pay it. | Sudhanshu’s attention to my project deteriorated more and more even though i was paying him more and more, i guess he only needed to work less hours after he extorted me to pay him more. He would sign on at 12:30am, work 2am then take lunch at 2am, work 15 more minutes at 2:45 and then log off at 3am never to be seen for days. That was when i had enough and decided to write this Scamion to warn others and hold sudhanshu accountable for his choices.


  • Name: NetFrux Technologies
  • Country: India
  • State: Punjab
  • City: Mohali
  • Address: Plot No. F30, Phase 8A, Industrial Area
  • Phone: (+91) 0172 466 5888
  • Website:

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