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Complaint: I talked to a technician about a Windows 10 upgrade. He said he could help me if he could access my computer. He spent a lot of time in my computer. He told me that it was slow & that there were issues that needed to be corrected. He said it should be serviced every 2-3 months by a technician. After spending about a half hour in my computer & then putting me on hold for 20 minutes, he came back on and wanted to sell me a 1 year warranty for about $250 or a 2 year warranty for about $350. I forget the exact amounts. When I said I would think about it, he offered me a 1 year warranty for $199.95. I told him I would think about that offer. After we hung up, I got back on the computer & discovered practically all my files were deleted, along with my Thunderbird email account files. The only thing left was a copy of my 2014 tax return. The only explanations for these deletions was that the myPhoneSupport technician had deleted them. I think he did it to make me pay myPhoneSupport to have those files restored. I called myPhoneSupport again and talked with a technician. He denied that one of their technicians would ever do such a thing. He then offered to have someone attempt to retrieve the files and said this might not be possible if they were permanently deleted. He told me that I would have to pay for this attampt, which would cost something over $100 for a one time fix, & he also offered the warranty plans and prices. I said that I should not have to pay to correct something that their technician did. The conclusion is that I lost my files & Thunderbird accourt due to a dishonest technician. He may have been acting on his own to work a scaam or the whole company is a scam. All I know is that I have been scammed of my files.

Tags: Computer Software

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 8556983243 or 8556983241

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