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Subject: Move Inc. misrepresentation and consumer fraud | December 17, 2015 | This is a case of outright fraud and intentional misrepresentation. I purchased what was explicitly explained to me to be one half of the exclusive rights to all leads for the town of Lenox, MA 01240. I wanted the full exclusive rights and asked the company to contact me for the other “half” if and when it was available. I then purchased the second half. And for the “two halves” I was “guaranteed a minimum of 85-90 leads over the course of the entire 12 month contract period” (average 7.5 per month). So far we have received 3 leads which averages out to 1 per month. | There is no written contract, merely supposedly a recorded “oral contract”. | The company representative that called me today regarding my request to cancel, a Lance Holcomb, states there is no provision for cancellation, period, not even in cases where the salesperson misrepresented, which of course this man denied. Instead he insisted that what I purchased was not two half shares of all leads, but instead a full non-shared “seat at the table”. Besides me he said there are other agents (he would not say how many) also with “seats at the table” who will also be receiving leads for the same zip code. In other words what I purchased was far from an exclusive territory but merely a portion, a place in the “rotation” of some unknown number of other agents who are also in the rotation. When asked what happens if the full 90-95 leads are not provided in the time frame I was told the company would extend the “contract” until the number was reached, at no additional charge. In other words Move Inc. intends to collect $3,841.08 for twelve months of service regardless of whether or not I could ever receive the full “guaranteed” allocation of leads and regardless of how many “slots” are sold. | Another part of the false sales pitch made to me and thus to all hapless victims of this sales approach was that there were only two slots available because one other woman Realtor (I asked if it was S** B*** to which the salesperson said yes) had decided not to renew. Here again, the clear and unmistakable pitch was that I had a very limited time to make up my mind to get the exclusive rights to this one zip code which was available in two halves or one whole. I look forward to exposing this illegal and unethical deceitful practice to a much broader audience of fellow Realtors. After all, assuming the same misleading sales pitch is being made to all Realtors then there are a virtually unlimited number of “exclusive territories” being sold by Move Inc. and my guess is that most agents are not going to pay close attention as time goes by but think and hope they get the leads or even forget they signed up in due time, busy as people tend to get. | For the sum of money involved I will of course not be contacting an attorney or take court action. I hope that the California AG’s office will look at this matter very seriously and not only oblige the company to comply with my demand to return my money and cancel the contract but more importantly consider an investigation into the false and misleading sales tactics employed. After all, as an arm of the National Association of Realtors, this company should be held to the highest standards of ethical business practices.


  • Name: Move, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Jose
  • Address: 10 Almaden Blvd., Suite #800
  • Phone: (800) 878-4166
  • Website:

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By Sam Lala