Moose International Complaint


As a leader in a local Moose Lodge organization, I have been observing some unethical business behavior to solicit & harrass local lodges for membership & fees to support their questionable charitable busisness model. Their model totally rests on 2 entitlement programs that have accelerated losses taking place over the past several years. Moosehaven, a retirement community for past Moose members, is based out Florida & has a vast majority of Florida residents as beneficiaries. Mooseheart, a foster school in Illinois, has majority of attendees from this state. The business model in question, does not benefit the majority of the national membership. In 2010, the organization changed their accounting practices, to shadow the heavy losses to organizational members. It is very difficult to understand the financial position of this organization. As membership fees have escalated to hold up these entitlements programs, operating income to the local lodges has decreased, forcing a high level of lodge closures. The “unethical practice” the International takes possession of the lodge real estate, and produces additional revenues on asset & property sales. “Force the membership into closure & take possession of properties is permitted in the organization by-laws. In these very unusual economic times, we & other lodge representatives question these practices. This organization needs to be investigated!!

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