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Complaint: I recently purchased a car from a respectable auction. On the way home the alternator died. I had the car towed home and then over to Gaithersburg, Maryland Midas. A store manager was very helpful and said he would thoroughly go over the car and tell me everything that was wrong with it. I agreed and two days later he called me and it was at that moment I should have known something was wrong. The bill was $1800. He said he got the car started and it needed an alternator, oil reserve sending unit, a battery, new rear brakes, and motor mounts. I thought “oh no””. My husband and I went over to look at the bill and have them show us everything. They wanted to charge me $26 for an oil cap cover. I went to Pep Boys and bought the same piece for $4! We talked them down to just replacing the motor mounts

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Address: oil sending unit

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Phone: and installing an alternator that we bought and gave to them. At no time was a head gasket mentioned. On the day I was to pick up the car I was informed that the head gasket was blown. They told me that they couldn’t get the car started before this time and that was why they didn’t detect it earlier. This was a lie because their store manager had told me he did get the car started. I picked up the car and it was smoking out both ends and ran far worse then it did before I had it towed in. I simply cannot believe a company such as Midas would do this to my car. I get the car home and look at the engine and noticed they had removed my coolant overflow tube so coolant was shooting out onto the engine. My husband and I are going to go over the engine with a fine tooth comb and see if anything else is missing.”

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By Sam Lala