Michael Finn Review


Michael Finn appearantly ripped off or angered an escort he hired named, Jessica. Jessica wrote on a website dedicated to warning other escorts about bad customers and wrote about Michael Finn. When Michael Finn learned about the internet post, he quickly hired me to help him bury the post so his wife, Margaret D would not find out about it. | The post included a text message exchange in which Michael Finn was requested to hire the escort for a morning session. | Well, it turns out that his payment did not go through or he reversed the charge. The bottom line is, I did all of the work and he did not pay. I called him regularly to make good on the payment, which he constantly had excuses such as he was “out of town” or he “left his card at a restaraunt” and he “would pay next week.” | Well after a month goes by, and when I call him, now he takes the attitude of just hanging up on me. | So now I feel that its disgusting on so many levels. | 1) Michael has benefited from the hours and hours work I did and the money I spent on costs only to rip me off. | 2) Then I think about how this man is basically hiring escorts to cheat on his wife. | 3) The escort is for some reason upset with Michael or maybe got ripped off by him to write an internet post warning other escorts. | 4) Finn then hires people to bury the information, only to later rip them off as well. | So now I have decided to move on from this situation and cut my losses. I certainly do not need to be conducting any business with this man. For sure Michael Finn’s actions will catch up with him.


  • Name: Michael Finn
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Montgomery
  • Address: 18272 Walding Rd
  • Phone: (713) 376 5048
  • Website:

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By Sam Lala