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The report the gentleman submitted that had his wedding ruined is completely accurate! They did the same thing to me in that the suit I ordered was not what I recieved. When I contacted them, I was told the suit was out of stock. You would think that their inventory would be updated to reflect this on their website. Had to battle with them to get my refund and though the suit was misrepresented(and their return policy clearly states that if they misrepresent an item you get a full refund plus return shipping), the guy from india (or wherever he’s from), that’s in charge of billing,would not refund my return shipping cost( I will be turning this matter over to my credit card company), and the person in shipping hung up on me. Apparently,he can’t tell a suit jacket from a shirt. Anyone that looks at the suit #NLW913 on their mensitaly website under red suits, can clearly see that it’s a suit jacket with cuffed sleeves. They did not contact me to tell me the suit was no longer in stock, instead sent me another style. Their 100% satisfaction pledge is a bunch of baloney! Buyer Beware!!!! These guys are not trustworthy and will rip you off for all or part of your money. Like I said: They like your money, but don’t like you!!! Don’t waste your time with them!!!!

1246 Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, California United States of America


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By Sam Lala