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I’m a edcon customer and at this moment I am very unhappy, my fridge was repaired by mastercare earlybird benoni branch more than once in the last 2 years, and it is still not working. On the 11-01-2012 I have emailed the head office about this and the only reply I received was to paul stating that he must investigate and give feedback to them up until today I have received no feedback after we send ed another email to them on the 17-01-2012 and still no joy or feedback from them. As a customer they are suppose to contact us but in the end we did all the phoning to find out how the repairs was going, in the end we got told fridge is coming back rnr (returned not repaired). After my daughter and myself went to them and saw in what condition the fridge was I told them that edcon had already paid for all repairs done to the unit, I as a client of them felt that they were in the wrong, my fridge was clean and no bumps nor marks was on it as it wa

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By Sam Lala