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I purchased a sink for $320 online from on November 15.,2010. The sink was too big when it was delivered so I returned it via UPS. Apparently, the owner of the company, Tamara, did not want to give me my money back so she told UPS they damaged it and they needed to pay for it. They told me I would receive my money back within 24-48 hours on my credit card. Needlessto say I never got my money back. I have called multiple times and multiple times I was told by Ellen and Tamara, the owner, that they would refund my money. Still nothing. It has been 45 days and now the owner wont take my calls. She even emailed me and said she would refund my money. That was 3 weeks ago. Still nothing. They are not only ripping me off by not refunding my money, they are also ripping off UPS by trying to get them to pay for the sink that I returned to them by saying UPS damaged it. They pulled a double rip off and should be ashamed of themselves. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I am a single mother with 2 small children and I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Today is Dec. 29th, and still nothing.

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