machine zone MZ tamaqua Pennsylvania Review


I play game of war by machine zone. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. I’m not one to complain I normally don’t bother I just don’t bother to use the service or go back if I’m treated bad. I bought one of there packs for $99 bucks and I didn’t get everything I was supposed to get with the pack. I emailed MZ to make them aware. They emailed me back with an explanation as to the quality of the items in the pack. They obviously didn’t read my email because I was emailing about not getting the items. So I emailed my response again letting them no I didn’t get the items. I then got an email asking what items and the date I bought the pack. Now I included that info in the first email to them but resent the info again. I then got an email telling me I received 2 chest with 5000 items in each one. Well a pack comes with a lot of chest with 5000 items not just 2. So I emailed them again asking where the other items where now we have been emailing back and forth for just about a month. I got another email saying I think your trying to say you didn’t get all of the items in the pack. At this point I’m really aggravated. They then ask me for the date I bought the pack again I thought you have got to be kidding me. I again send the info and they send me a totally wrong pack print out of everything I opened in the pack. They where never going to help at all this is such a shame because I’ve spent over a thousand bucks in 3 years time playing this game and they don’t even help you when you don’t get what you paid for. Please don’t start playing this game you will make friends and it’s hard to quit and leave everyone.

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