Luxoneyes San Francisco California Review


DO NOT order from Luxoneyes, especially if you live in the USA, or another country besides Italy. The process of getting my glasses was very quick. I purchased them on June 14th. It only took about 3 business days to receive, which was great. However, once I realized the frames did not fit my face, I started the return process which still has not been resolved (it’s July 29th), and probably won’t be for god knows how long. In general, sending back an item through customs to another country is irritating. It took about 3 weeks for customers to “inspect”” the item. So after about 3 1/2 weeks Luxoneyes sent me an email saying they received the item and they have sent me a refund. That was 12 days ago and no such refund has taken place. They try to pretend they have great customer service because some fake person named “”Alice”” emails you apologizing for all the difficulties

etc. She also emails you back pretty consistently to make you think you are being “”helped.”” However

her last email when I asked why there has been no refund back to my card yet

she states:””Dear Beth

It usually takes a few days but it depends on your bank. I would suggest that you wait until next week and if it does not show up on your account please contact your bank directly.Kind regards

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