Luna Capital Complaint


Brevity is not always the soul of wit. Especially if we speak of companies that deal with the financial sector. When it comes to descriptions and telling about themselves, companies have to ? their best t provide as much information as possible. With all of the explanations, examples, illustrations, without too smart words at the same time. Not too short, not too long. Balanced. Successful companies follow these rules. Unsuccessful ones just don”t care, but give up guessing why everything fails. I can tell you why and give you an example. Luna Capital is a crypto asset fund, their team consists ? three people only (obviously not enough). Their founder Lindsey Maule previously worked at Precursor Ventures. So she kind of has some experience. Looked through the Precursor Ventures website. Everything is ok, things are explained, not just two words with no contacts. My question: has Lindsey Maule seen the website of her previous employer? Maybe it”s time to do this and draw conclusions? Luna Capital website doesn”t contain much information, even the one that”s there is useless and not interesting, moreover, there”re just several sentences that can”t completely describe what the company does and who stands behind it. Three people working there… Well, not impressive, considering that the fund was founded more than 4 years ago. The team could have been enlarged. I don”t know what to say. They are definitely not reliable, because they just didn”t try hard. It”s been 4 years since they started to work, but the problem is yet to be solved…

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