LUMART HVAC ENGINEERING Providence Village Texas Review


This company was sent out by my home warranty company. They qouted me 750 on top of the coverage provided by my warranty. I agreed and they came out to work. While they were working a city code enforcement official showed up and stopped them from working. He redtagged them and said they must pay the permit before they would be allowed to finish installing my new air handler. Who i assume is the owner got into an arguement over the phone with code enforcement in my driveway until finally he agreed to pay the required permit fee. After the job was done the man named “Lucky”” called me back and said i was going to have to pay the additional $262 permit fee. I was livid. He said that he never files the permit unless code enforcement shows up. After arguing with the man i finally agreed to pay “”half”” $140 so the guys would not leave me without an A/C unit. The next day i called the city and confirmed that the permit fee was only $75. They were fined because they did not file the proper paperwork and proceeded to argue with the inspector. They found it ethical to pass those costs on to me. After finding out that the permit was only 75 i called the warranty company so they would place a violation on their contractor relationship.”

11126 Shady Trail, Suite 115 Dallas, Texas USA


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