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Complaint: I purchased the basic package for a logo. The only differences between packages stated on their website is the number of designers working on your logo and the amount of actual samples you receive. Everything else is the same. The FAQ states that you own the copyright and you will receive all the source files and any other pertinent files. In their FAQ it reads: “We provide cross-compatible file formats of your final design for your ease of use.”” and it also says “”As soon as the final designs are approved by you. We provide you with all source files of the design in multiple formats and copyrights of course.”” Google’s definition of source files: Source files are essentially the files a designer uses to create their designs with before exporting them as a jpg/png. These files are required to be provided to the customer to allow them to print scalable versions of the design or edit them as they see fit. They told me I would have to pay an additional $150.00 for the source file because the package I purchased did not come with the source file. And then he proceeded to tell me that a .jpg or a .png was considered a source file. If I didn’t pay

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Address: I wouldn’t get the SOURCE FILE. So

Website: the definition of bait and switch is: the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain

Phone: I paid

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