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I am a single mother and signed myself up and my daughter both as a | Founding Affiliate $5K each and was promised special benefits, f extra | money, chances to win a car and cruises. People coming in at $300 are | also now given all the same exact benefits. Not once, but many times we | we promised that Live Green would be partnering with Amazon especially | focusing on “Fresh Food” to bring fresh produce to your door. This is | where i knew we would be on the brink of change and could make some real | money as a Founding Affiliate. Amazon is now partnered with Whole Foods | which was our “competitor”. After the site was launched we found many of | the products on the Live Green website are NOT cheaper than Amazon, | which is why we were also excited to be partnered with them. | All the | affiliates that I brought in as well as customers are NOT happy with | LIve Green. No one is making money as promised being at the top of the | pyramid. The o

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Live Green Review

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By Sam Lala