Just another run of the mill rip off. | I ordered a pair of Pittsburgh Steelers tennis shoes, on June 11th, as a birthday present | for a family member. It’s now July 14th, and outside of a bot generated “thank you for | your order” e-mail on June 11th, and a SCAM e-mail notifying me of an alledged “shipment” | of said purchase (sent June 16th), there has been no correspondence…nor delivery of my | purchase. GO FIGURE! | I have sent several e-mails to this SHELL company, and, of course, nary a reply. | I guess, looking back, I should’ve known that something was amiss when I tried, in vain, | to pay via PayPal, but the icon that was to be the “link” to PayPal would not open. Hmmm. | Thankfully, these scammers have not used my credit card information to run up a boatload | of charges.
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By Sam Lala