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I found this review online after doing some research on the company. I read it prior to attending the 3 day workshop. The company offers a full money back guarantee for their workshop so I figured I had nothing to lose. | I attended the three day workshop and found it to be very informative. I was actually quite surprised at how little they talked about the membership and I liked the fact that they didn’t use any hard sales tactics. I was not a novice investor when I found Keyspire and I wondered if they would be able to deliver enough content that would satisfy me. In reality, they over-delivered and I learned some great techniques that I’ve been using to build my portfolio. | I went forward with membership and have easily recouped my membership fees with some of the exclusive offerings that became available to me inside of the membership base. I have also found many great joint venture partners within the Keyspire community who I continue to work with on a regular basi

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Keyspire Review

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By Sam Lala