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I used to work for Kevin VanDyke several months ago. I was fired from my job because of my race. The day I found out that Kevin is a bigoted racist who hates minorities and who doesn’t believe in the concept of systemic racism, my entire perspective changed.
He believes that people of minorities are given unfair advantages over the majorities and hates it when someone shows him the reality. My experience with Kevin was painful and irritating. I had never thought that I could get fired, not because of my competence or work ethic but, because of my race. His logical and biased actions wrecked my life. I have been struggling to find a job ever since.
The entire ordeal changed my life and my perception of the world. I have realised now that people just appear to be civil and understanding while in reality they are hiding their true nature.
Kevin Vandyke, Bloomfield Hills Financial:
Kevin Vandyke is the

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Kevin VanDyke

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By Sam Lala