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We here at the energy partners have been in business for over 12 years specializing in designing and implementing energy conservation tools and methods for local governments, universities and military bases. We use multiple pieces of equipment to achieve our goals. When one of those pieces of equipment failed i turned to “jthomasparts” for a replacement part. On 11/1/17 i called their 800 number and spoke with a woman Manager) named angel and placed an order for (1) pto clutch ($750.72 via cc) which they had in stock. This was the first order i had ever placed with jthomasparts. As expected and in a reasonable amount of time my clutch arrived in an undamaged package. Regrettably though when i opened the package and examined it, i discovered that the clutch didn’t move freely in its normal, un-engaged state. This meant that the clutch was unusable. I contacted jthomasparts and informed them of the issue and asked them to replace it. They informed me that they wouldn

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JThomas Parts

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By Sam Lala