JS Funds Inc. Review


This report is for a major scam in the finance industry. Abler Finance Inc. took more than 1 client to a fictitious company called JS Funds (www.jsfunds.com). This corporation gave us the contact information for an escrow agent in New York named James Scalisi. They also stated that the lawyer was employed with UniverLaw (www.univerlaw.com). This firm was also fictitious and the lawyer named James Scalisi was not the real lawyer named James Scalisi. Our client did their own due diligence (Client from Chicago). They went ahead and put into escrow that was supposed to be held by James Scalisi. After we stopped getting communication from JS Funds, we started digging and found out that the JS funds website was a complete fabrication and the Univerlaw website was a complete fabrication. We are now currently working with the real James Scalisi and the appropriate authorities to try to apprehend these criminals. Any other information regarding this fraud can be directed to the appropriate authorities.

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