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I purchased several trips through Jetaway Travel May 2, 2014. The trips are as follows: a. 7 days 6 nights Hawaii with roundtrip airfare for six individuals. b. 4 days 3 nights Cabo San Lucas with roundtrip airfare for two individuals c. 4 days 3 nights Belize with roundtrip airfare for two individuals d. 4 days 3 nights Puerto Rico with roundtrip airfare for two individuals. Before I paid the advertised prices for these trips the agent assured me that the only extra costs would be for hotel/condo taxes amounting to between $38 and $48 per night and a $69 per person activation fee for each trip. I was assured that there were three condos available at Valley Isles Resort on the island of Maui for the first week in March, 2015. The agent specifically stated that there were no additional costs and that the only restriction on travel was no travel on holidays. I was told that I needed to provide 90 days prior notice. The agent’s name is Allison and her extension is 2757.

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Jet Away Travel Review

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By Sam Lala