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The reason why I chose to touch the lives of people through therapy stemmed out of my desire to assist people with the challenges of daily living. I opened up Fruggiero Counseling Services with the intention that it would be a safe haven for you to free yourself in expressing both the worst and best moments of your life. There is difficulty in holding thoughts and feelings within, but know that my priority is to ensure you a place free of judgement; and instead a place of light and clarity, that can bring you tranquility and peace in the midst of turmoil. My specialty is helping those who need to be heard, seek support, and look for a safe place to open up to process thoughts & feelings, as they become a better version of themselves. I’ve learned that people struggle with Pandora’s box within, and although may be surrounded by what seems a mob of loved ones; still manage to feel less than their own shadow.I have extensive training and experience providing psy

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Jessica Fruggiero Review

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By Sam Lala