Jennifer O’neal Denmark Tampa, Florida Florida


***Just Updated 12/9/14  Jennifer Oneal sent me a FB message saying she was going to sue me for defamation of character. And she further said that not only did she get my man but she was going to take what I have left and I would be paying her for the rest of my life. She also bragged about framing my ex husbands final divorce decree. || COPY OF MESSAGE -move on hoe….get on with your pathetic life…you lost the best thing you ever had and now…….He is mine now… mind, body, and soul…YOU ARE LITERALLY GOING TO LOSE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE LEFT…….you see…you should have really done a little more investigating before you made your joke of a post on that website…..that is slander and defamation of character….I have already filed suit against them and they have informed me that they will also be suing you for violating their terms and conditions….you will be paying me for a long long time…so not only did I get your man, but I’m gonna get you where it hurts the most, because I am also suing you personally and my attorney assures me this is a open and shut case….you will pay me!!!! I guess you misjudged me when you thought I was weak, uneducated and scared of you…none of which I am….see ya in court chickenhead…. Nov 28 · Sent from Chat*** || *** has never been in contact with this woman or her legal counsel.  We have NEVER stated that we are suing anyone for violating terms and conditions.**** || Jennifer O’neal Denmark is an Alcoholic, pill popping, Fat, nasty, saggy, denture wearing, toothless WHORE of the worst kind. Don’t get me wrong, I know my husband is just as much to blame as she is, however she knows that he is married and knew he was married prior to f**king my husband. || My husband left me for this piece of trash, and they are shacking up in an extended stay hotel. My husband walked away from his home and family for this whore. Neither one of them works. They both are on social security disability and both addicted to pills. || We have been married for 22 years and we have 3 adult children together. The youngest just turned 19. My kids are just as blown away and devastated by this walking nightmare just as much as I was. And notice I said”was”? || Because let me tell you Jennifer and Michael, I am so happy he is your problem now. You think you won a prize Jennifer? but all you won is my left overs. You won heartache and misery and I hope he will be just as faithful to you as he was to me. The way you got him is the way that you will lose him & I believe in karma. and Jennifer you will reap what you sew. You 2 f**ktards deserve each other. You knew he was married. You knew we were having problems and that is why he was in Naples, FL. and You know how devastating this is to my family. Yet you opened your fat legs up and became his whore mistress anyways!!! But you don’t give a f**k because you are so f**king ugly that you could not get a man on your own, so you stole mine. || Your last husband Dale divorced you in 2009 and You have been alone ever since, and it’s no wonder. Just look at you. A few of your friends from your home town of Perry, FL. have replied back to my FB messages and gave me a little background information on you. || I know that you pretend to be ill and have phantom pain so you can go to doctors and get pain pills, I know you drink excessively. I know you are a control freak and prone to violent outbursts and that is why Dale divorced you because he could not take your shit anymore. I know you are a homewrecking fat whore with low self esteem that prides herself on the fact that she has a man, because you brag all over your facebook about him. The reality of it is that he is not your man. He is mine until our divorce is final. || You stole the innocence of my family. You took away the security of my marriage and You made yourself out to be a homewrecking whore. || You and Michael had no right to do what you did. NO marriage is without problems. You involved yourself in our personal business and encourage Michael to leave me. You encouraged him to file for divorce. and You encourage him to not speak to his children because you are jealous of his relationship with them. || On February 03, 2014 my husband left Orlando, FL. to go to Naples, FL. to seek treatment for his addiction to xanax. While in treatment he meets Jennifer Denmark. (another pill head) || I visit him several times over the course of a few weeks and seems nothing was out of the ordinary. || He got out of treatment on 03/04/2014 and never came home. He never called, and never answered his phone. No explanation. He finally contacted me via email to say that the treatment center had put him in a halfway house and that he needs to”find himself”. || When I drove to Naples he was not there. I find out via his facebook account (because I am the one who set up his account and had access to his password) that he moved to Tampa. I also noticed he added a new friend and changed his marital status to divorce. || When I went to Jennifer’s facebook and I saw posts on your wall about Michael and that is how I found out. I went onto my husbands account and made comments on your posts and the photos you had posted of my husband and this is what you said. || Keep in mind that this was sent only 1 month and 10 days after you met my husband. ||”Jennifer Denmark || I dont know you but what I do know about you is horrendous. No woman should treat their husband that way, he doesn’t want you anymore. Who would want you with what you have put him through. He is mine now. You have completely lost this game. Karma is a bitch, bitch. || March 13 || Jennifer Denmark || 3/13, 3:03pm || Jennifer Denmark || Told you that you would lose this game he is mine completely body heart and soul Keep playing your games by going into his account and making comments on my pictures and go back to you been crazy we all know they’re not games you really are crazy If you send any messages under his password we’re going to get you for identity theft.” || This was the beginning of her FB torment. She has sent me numerous messages implying that my husband is not the father of my kids and that she was going to call my 23 year old at work and tell him that my husband was not his father. She has called my mother. She brags about the fact that we are divorcing (He filed for divorce on 06/06/2014 in Hillsborough county, FL. (Yeah Jennifer good luck with your marriage to Michael) and stated the moment our divorce is final that they are going to get married. She filed for protective order because I threatened her. and encouraged my husband to do the same thing. || She has sent me texts messages stating how happy Michael is now and how he finally found his soul mate in her. || Just a little background info. My husband told me I was his soul mate too Jennifer. and obviously that was not true. So what makes you think that you are his only one if I wasn’t? || We met in 7th grade and we were middle school sweethearts. We have been together for 24 years and have been married for 22 of those. All of your fat, nasty whoreyness will NOT be able to erase all of those memories. || I know Michael. I know he is a lying, cheating,manipulating bastard and I hope you see him in all his glory. You are a piece of trash. You are a fool and you’re the loser here. Not me and Not my kids. || (Removed) || Jennifer Denmark || YOU are responsible for your marriage being over. Go on with your bullshit. We’re all smiles over here…And happy as hell. We don’t lay awake || Jennifer Denmark || 10/9, 8:23am || Jennifer Denmark || We don’t lay awake…ALONE at night harassing people. By the way…FYI…Michael had been pursuing me for months and I didn’t have anything to do with it. In February..after ten days with you…he did return to Naples but not for drug treatment. He came directly to me! Just so ya know!” || (wife name removed) || So you rationalized it and you think it’s okay for a married man to pursue another woman??? that’s what your telling me??? and it’s okay that your his mistress??? so that’s what your saying??? || Jennifer Denmark || 10/9, 3:42pm || Jennifer Denmark || I told you the truth. This conversation is over. Move on. You need to move on with your life because Michael is mine now. and we are happy. || 10/9, 4:46pm || (wife name removed) || Minimizing it and attempting to remove yourself from any fault is a bitch, WHORE move. YOU are just as much to blame. and you are a homewrecking WHORE because you knew he was and still is married… no marriage is perfect and ours was not without problems. but you encouraging My husband to continue the affair and file for divorce just goes to prove just what kind of WHORE you are. just look at how long you were without a man Jennifer???? you could not get one so you preyed on a married father having marital problems because he was weak. YOU’RE A HOMEWRECKING WHORE!!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!” || Now Jennifer Denmark the whole world knows. You are a homewrecking whore and Michael is a lying, cheating, piece of shit. I hope you 2 will be very happy together. because setting me free was the greatest gift Michael ever gave me next to my kids, and like I said he is YOUR problem now, Good Luck!! You are gonna need it. || || >

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