Jay Jackley


Jay got my company’s funds invested in a Chinese company which vanished with my money.
I tried looking for some reviews of Jay Jackley and Compass Capital to find if people shared the reality about these people or not. Unsurprisingly, I found a lot of sugar-coated reviews about Jay and his company. I had read some of those reviews before I hired him and I gotta tell you, this guy is a total ripoff. 
He lies to you about the investments he recommends and he lies to you about his plans for your money. Jay Jackley seems like a fantastic professional on paper but in reality, he is a selfish and arrogant person who doesn’t give a damn about his customers.
Who is Jay Jackley? 
Jay Jackley works at Compass Capital as their Senior Portfolio Manager. He handles the fixed income and equity investments there. Before he joined Compass Capital, Jay used to work as a Vice President for Merrill Lynch. He has more th

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Jay Jackley

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By Sam Lala