Jason Callan


I had joined Equity Prime Mortgage as an intern last year when I encountered the monster named Eddy Perez. The guy has no respect for women. When I had joined there I used to handle small day-to-day tasks and learn about sales. I have always been interested in becoming a salesperson and I thought joining Equity Prime Mortgage would be a great experience. But I was deadly wrong. 
The few weeks I worked there scarred me for life. 
At first things were going pretty well. They became a nightmare when Jason saw me in the office one day and thought it would be cool to have me work for him exclusively. After that, he told me that I would be working exclusively under him. Even then, I had no idea that Eddy was a pervert. I thought it would be a great learning opportunity so I didnít object.
But a few days later, I noticed he was staring at my chest. Later that day, he made a very dirty and perverted comment on my attire. I was a

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Jason Callan

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By Sam Lala